Tax Practitioners Board

Qualifications & experience for tax agents

Qualifications and experience requirements for tax agents
To become a registered tax agent, individual applicants must satisfy certain qualifications and experience requirements, which are set out in the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009 (TASR).

Tax agent qualifications lists
The qualifications lists contain a record of approved courses and units relevant to meeting the qualifications requirements for registration as a tax agent.

Relevant experience for tax agents
To register as a tax agent, individual applicants must demonstrate that they have enough relevant experience.

Table of eligibility requirements for registration
A summary of the qualifications and relevant experience requirements for registration as an individual tax agent.

Imposing conditions
Depending upon your qualifications and experience, you may have a ‘condition’ imposed on your registration.

Continuing professional education
Registered agents should undertake continuing professional education (CPE) in accordance with our policy to be eligible to renew their registration and to comply with their obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct.